My Father's House, A Journey of Love and Memory


My Father's House, A Journey of Love and Memory


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Hannah Reimann’s self-produced film, a love letter to her father, tells the story of her father, Dr. Peter Reimann and his trauma-related dementia, her sister Kim, their devoted Korean housekeeper, Mrs. Man Cho Lee, and herself.  Their life in suburban New Jersey serves as the backdrop for a universal story about dementia, death and dying, albeit within the context of their unique personal experiences caring for Dr. Reimann in the last three years of his life.

My Father’s House touches us in the rather deep places we don’t often venture.  The film allows caregivers to see that there are others going through similar circumstances and that they are not alone. It assures us that the path of caregiving, however painful and unpredictable, is a worthy one, one that redeems and one that rewards us with the silent, unforeseen promise of comfort and peace at the time of a loved one’s death.  My Father’s House shows us that death is not something to be feared, but to be embraced in the context of a fatal illness, empowering both the living and the one who has passed.

“…delivers a thought-provoking, respectful and heart-felt artistic tribute to life and death circumstances.  A loving, memory-filled homage.”  – Rick Scheidt, The Gerontologist

Praise for My Father’s House: A Journey of Love and Memory

  • “Beautiful, powerful, and captivating…in every way – the story, the people, the music, the flow, and the total presentation. The film really spoke to me, and I’m certain it will inspire others, as well.”

  • “Deeply moving. For anyone who has experienced the loss of a love one to a disease that affects the mind, this film has particular resonance.”

  • “…a gentle, yet unflinching, look at the process of dying. The film poses so many questions for us to ponder as we try to understand how our minds adapt and age.”

  • “…a very touching and compelling film. I did not have the benefit of being next to either one of my parents as they passed away and to see how you and your sister experienced those last moments was very comforting and brought me some closure.”

  •  “…a powerful film. It really is a moving story and told so well.”