JUNE 2019

Recording Project Collaboration 2019 Spring Grantee Hannah Reimann

The Café Royal Cultural Foundation Hamburg has awarded a music grant for Hannah to complete an EP of her new work Mi Corazòn”.

April 30th, 2019

“Hannah Reimann’s Both Sides Now” by Patrick Leader

“It was effective, Reimann communicating the lyrics beautifully. The performance was also musically satisfying. Reimann's training as a classical pianist allowed her to be deeply confident and nuanced in executing Mitchell's complicated piano arrangement… Throughout the evening, the musicianship was extremely strong, from both Reimann and Temple. There are few better ways to spend an evening than to hear Joni Mitchell's music done well.”

April 30th, 2019

“Channeling Joni For Future Generations: Songs of Joni Mitchell by Hannah Reimann” by Dusty Berke

“When I closed my eyes, it took me back to my youth. I couldn’t tell the difference between Joni and Hannah. The music was authentic. I loved when she spoke between songs to give context and history about the songs. She was not just singing Joni’s music, but sharing the essence of who Joni is and was… What a blessing that Hannah is exposing young generations to these important artists that helped shape the world we’re living in.”